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What, where, why?

Hi, I’m Charlotte Fleming, the ScottishVisitor.  Charlotte Fleming Scottishvisitor

I’ve lived in Angus, north-east Scotland, since 1999, though I was brought up a Sassenach. I realised I didn’t know the country very well, so I started a blog called RoundScotlandWithADog to cover my discoveries. As I no longer have dogs, I’ve migrated here, bringing some of the original material with me.

Water, water everywhere

One thing that gets me travelling is the prospect of being able to dive or snorkel the other end. Scotland has a lot of water, both inland and coastal.

I can’t drive past a loch or along the coast without wanting to see what’s under the water.  The wildlife down there is extraordinary – animals that look like flowers, seaweed the size of trees – all sorts of things cling to rocks and wrecks or swim free and are nothing like what we see on dry land.  I’m particularly taken with jellyfish.

The pull of the past

Another thing that gets me moving is history and our industrial heritage. I love old buildings, the tales about them and the people who lived and/or worked in them, the machinery they invented to make life easier … the whole ingenious story of humans.

The out-of-the-way, quirky stuff interests more than the famous places you can find in all the guide books.  I write about the statues, monuments and buildings that people walk past without noticing, and the history behind them.

Bonnie Scotland

A good view, even without water or history, is always worth a detour, and Scotland is full of terrific views.  Mountains, sunsets, the fold of a field, the detail of a dry-stone dyke (wall) snaking up a hillside…  There’s something to take your breath away round any corner.

So there’s plenty for a ScottishVisitor write about and I hope you enjoy the results.  I don’t write very week; sometimes I’m just working and don’t see anything interesting, and there’s no point writing about that!

More information

I’m a copywriter specialising in content marketing and love working with businesses in the tourism industry. If you’d like me to write a blog, newsletter or web content to promote your business, please get in touch. You can find out more at http://greatcopy.info.

All the photos are © Charlotte Fleming, unless credited to someone else.  Please don’t use any of them without asking!